Campers participate in a variety of activities during the week.



Learn archery at camp!  Our certified archery instructors teach campers the safety regulations of the archery range, the parts of a bow and arrow, how to nock the arrow, aim for the bullseye, and shoot!  As campers improve their skill, they shoot farther and farther from the targets and get to have fun with archery games, such as one in which they pop balloon targets!


Arts & Crafts

During a visit to the Arts and Crafts hut, campers make a number of crafts to take home at the end of the week.  We do traditional camp crafts such as friendship bracelets, God’s eyes, group banners, and lanyards, as well as other crafts like picture frames, mobiles, clay sculptures, and Bible related art projects.



Situated on the bank of the Rock River, Stronghold provides opportunities for river canoeing to Experience and Adventure campers of all ages.  Campers are trained in how to operate a canoe and suited up and a life jacket before setting out of their journey down river.  Many of our canoe trips involve a visit to Oregon’s iconic Blackhawk Statue!


Disc Golf

Frisbee + Golf = Disc Golf.  To play this fun game, campers start at a post, called a “tee” and throw a frisbee towards a basket until they get it in.  Just like golf, the fewer the throws it takes, the better your score!  The course takes campers through our big field, tree garden, by the castle, by Circle of Pines, and out to the castle fire circle.  What better way to take a tour of camp?!



Ga-ga is a fast-paced game involving a ball, a pit, some people, and a lot of fun.  Campers and counselors stand inside our Ga-ga pit.  After the ball bounces twice, everyone begins pushing the ball away from them in hopes that, en route, it hits someone else below the waste to get them out, in which case they jump out of the pit.  The last person standing inside the pit is the winner!


High Ropes

Junior High and Senior High Experience and Adventure campers test their limits as they climb our 30 foot obstacle course.  While safely on belay and under the supervision and direction of our trained facilitators, campers choose their own challenge—perhaps one step higher or one step further than they initially thought they could go—and overcome them while being supported by their team.



Taking a hike through our 360 acres, campers see a number of natural sites while exercising their physical endurance.  While on a hike, campers will find that we are situated on the hill which was carved out by the Rock River.  They will see exposed limestone which makes up much of our ground, explore the seep springs which have formed from the runoff of the limestone, measure our great Oak tree, see Illinois as it used to be in our natural prairie, and of course, spot wildlife!  We have wild turkeys and deer, which will both make an appearance if we’re quiet enough!



Adventure and Experience campers of all ages will communicate, strategize, lead, and follow as they work in a team to overcome challenges during initiatives.  Initiatives are games and activities that are designed to challenge the individuals of a group to work together, using their own individual strengths, to achieve a common goal. 


Leap of Faith

Our junior high and senior high camps are offered the experience of a lifetime—the leap of faith!  This challenge course activity challenges the individual to climb to high heights and reach for the prize…literally!  Campers are connected to a dynamic belay system as they climb this 32 foot pole and then jump for a trapeze.  It’s a test of faith whose rewards are immeasurable.



What better way to cool off than to jump into a swimming pool?  Summer is hot, therefore we schedule a daily swim for each group every single day of camp.  With pool volleyball, noodles, and inflatables pool time is a splash!