High Ropes

The high ropes course is one part of adventure programming that helps individuals test their abilities and choose risks appropriate to their skill level. Our high ropes course is the ideal way to help individuals define and push their limits. The high ropes course is part of a total adventure program. Adventure challenge programming allows groups and individuals to accomplish tasks that take them beyond their preconceived limitations.

High Ropes Activities
A staff facilitator assures safety and helps participants reach their full potential on the course. On this course, you will be pushing the limits while walking on a cable and rope twenty to forty feet above the forest floor, safely tethered to safety cables. In this natural and highly stimulating environment, you and your team will be meeting goals while being coached by a facilitator. The emphasis of High Ropes is to reveal to each participant what he or she can achieve with encouragement and support of fellow team members.

"Processing" is a post-activity effort, lead by the facilitator, to help the group reflect on and learn from their experience on the course and apply these new insights to other aspects of their lives.

Please call (815)732-6111 or email challengecourse@strongholdcenter.org to plan the perfect event for your team.

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Challenge Courses are perfect for:

  • School groups and faculty
  • Corporate groups and businesses
  • Clubs and organizations
  • Athletic teams
  • Fraternity and sorority groups
  • Church groups

Contact Ryan Anderson for more information on Initiatives/Team Building Course, Swing by Choice, High Ropes, Pole Climb Zip Line, and the Leap of Faith!