One way to create a team and foster cooperation is to work through the Initiative Course. Success on the course does not depend on strength or speed. Instead, individuals succeed by being willing to try something new and working with others to solve problems and achieve a goal. Group members learn to interact in a supportive manner. Elements are designed to create a sense of accomplishment through cooperation. Facilitators recognize both positive and negative aspects of group dynamics, leading the group members to discover how they work, communicate, and live with others.

The course uses problem-solving games and a series of low-rope elements emphasizing cooperation, trust, and self-confidence. The course includes safety orientations, warm-ups, and debriefing. Age, size of group, and physical abilities affect the number and difficulty of tasks attempted.

Problem-solving tasks include obstacles ranging from one to seven feet off the ground. Your group will encounter such things as the Nitro Crossing, the Mohawk Walk, the Giant Spider Web, as well as other "challengeing" situations demanding group cooperation, problem-solving, and moderate physical effort to "survive." This program may have imaginary circumstances, but the rewards are real. Participants earn self-confidence and develop important skills to become an effective team member.

The type of tasks and problem-solving issues are tailored to the experience of the group as well as the group's goals. Please call (815)732-6111 or email to plan the perfect event for your team.

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Challenge Courses are perfect for:

  • School groups and faculty
  • Corporate groups and businesses
  • Clubs and organizations
  • Athletic teams
  • Fraternity and sorority groups
  • Church groups

Contact Ryan Anderson for more information on Initiatives/Team Building Course, Swing by Choice, High Ropes, Pole Climb Zip Line, and the Leap of Faith!