Active, Green and Growing


Strongholds Mission and Purpose:

We provide opportunities for people to experiance the community through a retreat and camping evnironment.


Our Vision for this Mission:

  • Providing exciting, high quality programs for youth and adults.
  • Provide pleasant, well-maintained facilitiesthat support the mission of Stronghold.
  • Develop programs for all ages that promote the appreciation for the development of our core values in people's lives.


Core Values of Stronghold:

  • Intentionally and Unashamed Christian
  • Engaging Life's Realities
  • Respect for Creation and Creatures
  • Responsibility for Self and Actions
  • Hospitality
  • Creating a Safe Enviornment
  • Hopefulness
  • A place of Second Chances & Grace

Stronghold is following any and all guidelines issued by the CDC,PCCCA,ACA, Illinois and Ogle County regulations.

Things to expect upon arrival:

  1. Check-in at Brubaker Center, have your/group temp checked, waiver signing and welcome packet recieved. 
  2. Guidelines for social distancing, activities & meals will be advised by the director/assistant.
  3. You will be escorted to your facility with a tour, then be left to unpack.
  4. There will be sanitizer and towels in each facility to assist you/your group in helping stop the spread of viruses. 
  5. Guidelines-for-Opening-Up-America-Again      
  6. Disinfection-guidance-for-businesses-covid19
  7. Church_Guidance
  8. ChecklistplusDisinfectantplusAlternatives            
  9. COVID Checklist for ME Phase 2 Lodging
  10. Cleaning-disinfection-protocols-covid-19
  11. Disinfecting-building-facility

If you should have any questions and or concerns please feel free to call (815)732-6111 ext 613 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have! 

Thank you,