Join us in a day of challenges, growth, and fun that will inspire your group or organization to achieve individual and team excellence. The adventure-based learning process used in our challenge program allows groups and individuals to grow and learn by doing. We believe this process, when experienced in the outdoors, will create an ideal learning environment.

The Stronghold Challenges Program integrates the Challenge by Choice philosophy into our activities throughout the day. Participants can choose to try a potentially challenging activity with the support and encouragement of the group. Respect for each individual's choices and ideas is an essential component in each challenge. This philosophy creates exciting learning opportunities and insights into the issues of risk taking, mutual support, self-confidence, leadership, and teamwork.

We have 4 course options

Teambuilding/Initiatives Course -  Our Initiatives Course is several activities and elements led using portable materials as well as built of platforms and wires (between 1 and 6 feet of the ground) that is designed to promote team work, trust and a sense of community.  It is one way to create a team and foster cooperation.  Success on the course does not depend on strength or speed. Instead, individuals succeed by being willing to try something new and working with others to solve problems and achieve a goal. Group members learn to interact in a supportive manner. Elements are designed to create a sense of accomplishment through cooperation. Facilitators recognize both positive and negative aspects of group dynamics, leading the group members to discover how they work, communicate, and live with others.

High Ropes Course - Our High Ropes course offers a series of supervised challenges. High ropes courses works on "perceived risk" to take people out of their comfort zones into an area of challenge, uncertainty and growth.  Trained facilitators guide participants through the course and help them reach their full potential on the course. The course ends with a zip line that extends over 450 feet in length, and participant choose from up to 6 different elements that reach a height of over 30 feet above the forest floor.  

Leap of Faith - The Leap of Faith is a 32 foot tall pole that participants choose what level they climb up.  The ultimate goal is to climb to the top, stand on top, and then jump out to try and grab on to a trapeze.  It is a great activity that promotes stepping out of one’s comfort zone, trust, risk taking, and learning to support each other.  Participants are belayed in full body harnesses.

Swing by Choice - The Swing By Choice is a giant swing that pushes participants out of their normal comfort zone. The Swinger is attached to cables in the center of two poles. The group pulls the swinger up to the highest point (up to about 35feet), or as high as the participant chooses, whichever comes first. Then the swinger pulls the release and swings back and forth.  It’s a great, thrilling experience for every group.  The Swing By Choice can also be done as an evening activity.

Challenge Courses are perfect for:

  • School groups and faculty
  • Corporate groups and businesses
  • Clubs and organizations
  • Athletic teams
  • Fraternity and sorority groups
  • Church groups

Stronghold Activities and Challenge Course Waiver
Please have a signed waiver for everyone in your group.  To save a waiver form to your computer, right click and choose 'save link as'. To open and print the form, single click on the name of the form.

Contact Ryan Anderson for more information on Initiatives/Team Building Course, Swing by Choice, High Ropes, and the Leap of Faith!