AS OF JUNE 1st,2020

We have outsourced our meals to 2 caterers from our local community. Meals we be delivered to the facility you rent for your retreat. All utensils are already in the facility you rented or will be delivered with your meals! 

If you are a Heritage Lodge guest and is a party of more than 15 our caterers will serve your meal in Brubaker Center  (Main Check In Building) in Geneva Hall due to no kitchen available in Heritage Lodge.

Meals will still have to be ordered prior to arrival if you will want meal service.

Otherwise we will have a list of local carry out & dine in options for you in your welcome packet.

Our Meal cost & times are below!

Meals are served in Geneva Hall located in our main information building which is Brubaker Center.

When we have guests coming to Stronghold for their retreat, reunion, confirmation ect. we offer them a choice of meals pre arrival to Stronghold, Breakfast, Luch & Dinner.

Below is a description on what comes with our meals, cost & times we serve.

2020 Meals & Times