Program Connection

January 23 - 28 2022

What is Program Connection?

Program Connection is a meeting of faith-based programmatic minds; a space where those who love camp and conference program can discuss theory and practice.  We come together searching for new ideas, seeking answers to questions, and sharing our favorite resources. It is built upon the idea that we build each other up and improve our ministries through the sharing of ideas, insight experience, and networking. We spend time in discussion, spiritual retreat, and workshops with experts in the field and leave refreshed, with lots of new ideas and resources.

Discussion Sessions and Resources

A majority of our time is spent in discussion, picking each other's brains about relevant topics. We ask participants to share topics which most interest them, and use our common experience to work toward best practices in those areas. Topics often include staff training, spiritual development (for campers and staff), new program ideas, ecumenical partnerships, and our role in a constantly shifting world.

One of the other great benefits is to share resources. Please plan to bring brochures, flyers, manuals, and other resources to share (paper or digital).