This summer we are at a very different point than we were last year.  Every person 5 and up has an opportunity to be vaccinated against COVID and the schools have been running maskless.  With where regulations are and how schools have moved forward, at this point we are back to running camp as normal.  We are no longer requiring a negative COVID test before arrival and are mask optional.  Whether a camper chooses to mask or not we will fully support their decision.  As always, campers will spend the majority of their time outdoors where the risk is lowest.  We will continue to follow American Camp Association, CDC, and IDPH guidelines for hygiene and cleanliness.  All counselors will carry hand sanitizer and a first aid kit with them at all times.  Campers and staff will be encouraged to practice frequent hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.  All bathrooms on campus will be disinfected regularly.  All facilities will be cleaned appropriately between each camp.  If campers or staff exibit symptoms they will be isolated, assessed, and sent home if appropriate.  Per recommended procedures, Stronghold will retain a separate quarantine area for any campers and staff who experience COVID-19 sypmtoms.  We look forward to another fun, safe, summer at Stronghold.

If you have any questions please call our office at (815) 732-6111 or email