Ages 12-17:            kin·dom camp is an opportunity for LBGTQIA+ youth ages 12-17 to feel safe and free to show up as their full selves. Campers will have the chance to experience all the fun that camp has to offer in a week filled with affirmation, community, and celebration. 

This camp is affirming – full stop. It affirms all genders, sexualities, identities, religious backgrounds, and varieties of belief. The only thing we expect is a commitment to welcoming and celebrating everyone where they are, as they are. 

June 16 - 21                                       $500 • $550 • $600


We are excited to announce this years theme, "Say it Proud"!

"Say it Proud" means speaking up for ourselves and our community and stepping proudly into who we are. In the last year, we've witnessed a drastic increase in bills that threaten to take space away from the LGBTQIA+ community and particularly queer youth. We want our campers to be able to say for themselves and their community that they are here, they are queer, they are loved, and they are not alone.

Support kin•dom camp:



Summer camp is an amazing experience, and we at Stronghold, we believe cost should not be a obstacle to having access to that experience.  We strive to make camp accessible for all youth and have been able to provide scholarships to all who request them due to generous support from donors. We want to ensure kin•dom camp and all of our programs are accessible to any camper who wants to join, so please consider donating to our Scholarship Fund. You can specifically designate a kin•dom camp scholarship or our general scholarship fund.  Either way your funds will go to giving a camper memories that last a lifetime.



We're looking for fully-affirming, welcoming, and loving adults to help us make kin•dom camp a success this summer! This will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with, mentor, and learn from our youth, but most importantly, we ask that you are ready to celebrate everyone where they are, as they are. We are looking for: nurses, cabin counselors, support staff, licensed counselors, and wellness staff.  You can find a full list of job descriptions here.

Apply here if you with to serve at kin•dom camp.



kin•dom camp is special. It provides a safe space for youth to thrive and come into the fullest expression of themselves. In order to make this program the very best it can be, it requires a bit of extra financial support to cover specialized programming, bringing in additional specialized staffing (nurses, licensed clinical therapists, etc.), and start-up costs. 

In order to off-set these costs and keep camper fees down, we're inviting our community to become kin•dom camp sponsors!  Join us in making this program sustainable for years to come. Contact Ryan at for more information

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is kin•dom community? 

A: kin•dom is a queer-led organization creating space for queer community, belonging, and celebration. Inspired by the concept first named by theologian Ada María Isasi-Díaz, “kin•dom” envisions the full inclusion and interdependent relationships of all people. kin·dom community’s vision is to be an example of what is possible when love and inclusion are the norm.  Follow this link to learn more about kin•dom community.

Q: My camper is excited about the LGBTQIA+ aspect of camp, but we have questions about the ties
with a faith-based camp...

A: While Stronghold programming is typically faith-based, we are fully committed to the work of kin•dom camp and to creating a safe environment for our campers. As a community, we recognize the pain and hurt that the church has caused LGBTQIA+ people. As part of our desire to dismantle prejudices in faith spaces and see this harm healed, campers have the opportunity to sign up for workshops and activities that may relate to faith and spirituality. Those conversations remain opt-in only; our camp-wide curriculum centers around the queer experience. Camp curriculums are rooted in shared beliefs, and we know that our common ground is a desire to be in queer-affirming community. There is no expectation of faith – the only thing we expect is a commitment to welcoming and celebrating everyone where they are, as they are. 

Q: What does “kin•dom” mean?

A: The word “kin•dom” offers a new way of imagining the full inclusion and belonging of all people. It
is a word that offers an alternative to "kingdom" and allows a more expansive view of how we are all
connected. It moves beyond dynamics of power and oppression, and invites us all to see the ways
we are interconnected and made better together. The word was originally brought forth by theologian
Ada María Isasi-Díaz, who used the word to speak about the liberation that is intended for all people.
This camp is a direct part of kin•dom community, and there is no greater vision we can imagine for
LBGTQIA+ youth than for them to know that they belong, that they are loved, and that they are free
and safe to be their whole selves.

Q: How will kin•dom camp be different from any other summer camp?

A: Now more than ever, LGBTQIA+ youth are in need of unconditional love and acceptance. kin•dom
camp will be a week for LGBTQIA+ youth to experience belonging and affirmation. The week will
include plenty of "traditional" camp activities and recreation, plus some specialized programming to
incorporate activities and conversations around queer history, culture, and experiences.