Prices listed below are Tier 1 * Tier 2 * Tier 3.  Why 3 prices?

Sr. High 10 Day Adventure
      Completed grades 9 – 12          If you’ve always loved coming to Stronghold, here’s our classic adventure camp with a Sr. High twist.  Sr. High campers live in our rustic campsites, experiencing God’s creation firsthand while participating in all the typical camp activities. Come to Stronghold and make new friends while joining in Bible study, swimming, canoeing, group games, hiking, high ropes course, Leap of Faith, archery, arts & crafts and campfire time.


Sr. High Night Owl
      Completed grades 9 – 12          Not a morning person? Then Sr. High night owl is the camp for you!  Stay up late and sleep the morning away.   We’ll have breakfast at lunch, lunch at dinner, and dinner when the stars are in the sky. Enjoy swimming, canoeing, crafts, the challenge courses and more by day, and campfires, Bible study, night hikes, worship, and glow in the dark games by night.  It’s camp on your schedule! Night Owl campers sleep in the Carriage House.


Climb High
      Completed grades 7 – 11           Have you ever wanted to try rock climbing?  Reach for new heights in this climbing focused camp.  Learn to belay at Stronghold and spend time on Stronghold's challenge courses.  Pack up for an overnight to a State Park for a day of setting up anchors and climbing on real rock faces.  Besides all the climbing we still included swimming, astronomy, campfire bible study, and making great friendships while growing in your faith.


      Completed grades 9 – 12           Have an amazing week at Stronghold and stay in the air conditioned Hickory House. Come to Stronghold and build a supportive, Christ centered community as you make new friends and challenge yourself on the Stronghold challenge courses.  Deepen your faith and talk about things that matter during bible study and devotions.  We even made time for classic Stronghold activities like swimming, canoeing, group games, hiking, crafts, and campfire time.